Stop Trying to Make Rotting Corpses Sexy (Repost)

No seriously. Stop it.

I see this all the time and it continues to baffle me. It’s not just zombie games, but it seems most prominent in zombie games. You’ll fight a million male zombies who are dressed normally and aside from weird mutations, all look fairly normal. Then a female zombie, usually a boss, shows up and is presented in an extremely sexualized fashion.

Dead Island made it so female zombies would usually fall down with their ass in the air, whenever possible. The special edition of Dead Island Riptide featured a bust of a dismembered torso wearing a bikini as an add-on. You can’t really find a more perfect example of objectification than stripping a woman of any defining features and presenting her as a rotting torso.

Resident Evil is a repeat offender in this regard. Both Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Revelations feature bosses who are highly sexualized, with one of them just straight-up being naked. Deborah in RE6 is not only naked and covered in slime, but has an animation where she strokes herself in a masturbatory fashion. And if it wasn’t bad enough that Rachael in Resident Evil: Revelations was killed before she could even be introduced, the HD version of the game features her mutated form as a DLC character, complete with screenshots of her posing in a sexy fashion.

The line between sexualization and objectification in media is difficult to define, and not every example of sexualization is bad. But more than anything, it’s creepy to see people try to sexualize rotting corpses. Even in death, women in video games are not free from being objectified.


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