Early Access Preview: Besiege

I love blowing stuff up.


So it’s no surprise that I’d love Besiege, a physics puzzle game which recently hit Steam early access. The premise of Besiege is simple: Every level presents the player with a goal, such as destroying a tower or killing a certain number of troops, and has the player build some form of siege engine to complete this task. On the surface, this seems like a simple game. Play a bit, though, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not.


Besiege is a game of limitless possibilities. The game places no restrictions on you as to how you complete the challenge, so long as you do so. And the game’s creation tool offers enough variety for you to build just about anything you want, so long as you can figure out how to control it. Want to make a plane? You can do that.


Want to create a massive death tank? You can do that


Want to create a cannon-powered car? You can do that.


Want to create a swarm of flamethrower-mounted automatic death machines?


You can do that.

The Besiege creation tool is so free-form that fans are already finding ways to use it that the designers never intended for. within a day or so of the game coming out, fans had already figured out how to use the creation tool to make walking mechs.


The game is also incredibly beautiful. The minimalist art style works very well with the game’s clean presentation, and the explosion and fire effects look amazing. Best of all, it’s incredibly well-optimized. I can run it at a fairly smooth FPS on a middle-of-the-line laptop and still have it look amazing.



The game is a bit lacking for content at the moment. There are currently only 15 levels in the game, not including a sandbox mode, which you can clear in a few hours. But there’s endless fun to be had in experimenting with new designs in old levels. Best of all, the game is only 7 bucks as of the time this post goes up. The devs have said they want to increase the price as they add more content, but early buyers get the game for cheap. For 7 bucks I cannot recommend this game highly enough.


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