Indie Games Are Not Going to Save the Industry

These days, I can’t help but feel worried for the future of the gaming industry.

Game development seems largely split between two extremes these days: The high-budget Triple-A game developers, and the starving indie devs. On the Triple-A side of things, publishers and developers have fallen into a rather nasty vicious cycle. Game budgets and dev team sizes are growing at an alarming rate, while the expected profits become more and more unreasonable. It simply doesn’t feel like current Triple-A method can remain profitable for long, without collapsing in on itself.

The other extreme, however, is an even riskier gamble. Indie games have been hailed by many as a bastion of creativity and diversity in a sea of lookalike Triple-A games. On the surface, it seems easy to believe these claims. Look a bit closer, though, and you see how quickly these claims fall apart.

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Oh Right, This Thing Exists

Hey, sorry for not updating this for a while. Suffered some pretty bad burnout, coupled with having a lot going on in my life. Just finished a new article, though, which will go up tomorrow.