Patreon Thank-You Post for August 2015 and $100 Goal Reached!


My patreon was ridiculously successful this month, far beyond what I was expecting! I feel I can’t really express my gratitude in words, but I would at least like to personally thank everyone who donated:

  • Thank you, Space Queen Galacta Q!
  • Thank you, Steven Hopkins!
  • Thank you, Aleena Tuabin!
  • And a great big Thank you to NeoKingGhidorah, without whom I’d never have hit 100 dollars!

I truly appreciate all your help and will try my hardest to make sure September is a good month for my blog! You are all wonderful people and it’s thanks to you I’m able to dedicate my time and attention to my blog! And since we hit 100 dollars this month, updates will be weekly from now on! Thank you!


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