Bodacious Gay, I Mean Space, Pirates

As gay as anime might seem from the outside looking in, the medium has serious problems with LGBTQ representation.

I could write an entire article on the issues with lesbian subtext in anime (and probably will at some point). Very few characters are full-on gay for each other, and oftentimes shows will simply hint at the possibility of characters liking one another, without actually having the character be in a relationship. The end result being that while many shows have lesbian subtext, few outside of full-on yuri anime will feature lesbian characters in an active relationship.

Which is why it was nice to see actual, unquestionable lesbian characters in Bodacious Space Pirates.


Now BSP does have its fair share of subtexty scenes, largely between the protagonist and her archrival/friend/singing partner, Chiaki. These scenes are fun, but fall victim to the same issues I was discussing earlier. In the case of Jenny and Lynn, however, the series makes it abundantly clear that they’re in a relationship. Explicitly, in fact.



In addition to the characters being in an explicit lesbian relationship, the series doesn’t fall into the trap of having the characters fit into traditional male/female relationship roles. Both characters are shown to be bold, capable, and independent, with neither character filling the dominant role in the relationship.

LGBTQ representation in anime still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to depicting realistic relationships. But for the moment, I’m just happy to see Bodacious Space Pirates feature a non-cringeworthy lesbian couple.

Bodacious Space Pirates can be viewed on Crunchyroll. In addition, you can buy the complete series from Amazon or Rightstuf.

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