Woah nelly, my Patreon hit $100 sooner than I thought it would! Kinda caught me by surprise, so I wasn’t sure what else to do after that! But I’ve figured out some new stuff for it! Let’s take a look!

$350 Goal: Two Updates Per Week

At $350 per month, I could manage to consistently put out at least two updates per week! The current Monday update schedule would switch to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule, with previews going up on Monday and Wednesday!

$750 goal: Three Updates Per Week

At $750 per month, I would effectively be able to quit the job hunt and work on my blog full-time! Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates, with previews on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! All that in addition to bi-weekly anime reviews!

Wait what?


$20 Reward Tier: Timed-Exclusive Anime Reviews

It’s a new rewards tier! Patreon backers get to see new, Bi-weekly anime reviews two weeks before they go up on the blog! The first review will go up on Patreon on Friday, followed by another one two weeks later! Reviews will include movies, shows, OVAs, and maybe even a manga or two! Rather than using a number scoring system, my anime reviews will use a simple three-point system: Thumps Up , Thumbs Middle, and Thumbs Down. Thumbs Up means I liked it and recommend watching it, Thumbs Middle means it’s average or there were parts which made me not want to actively recommend it, Thumbs Down simply means it’s bad and you should avoid it.

I wasn’t expecting my Patreon to reach its goal so soon, but I’m glad it did! I’m happy that I’m able to continue writing for my blog, and I hope it’s able to continue to grow and expand! Thanks to everyone who donated, I love you all!


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