I’m Not Made of Free Time, Don’t Assume That I Am

“It’ll get better once you get a bit into it.”

I’ve heard this so many times, about so many different pieces of media. From anime to video games to TV shows. People seem to think it’s totally okay to promise that something will eventually get good, if you just stick with it long enough. That it’s okay to keep moving the goalpost on when it gets good, and assuming people will just go along with it.

This is not okay.

People do not have infinite amounts of free time. I do not have infinite amounts of free time. I have a job I have to work, in addition to running this blog. It’s a good job, but it’s a job that eats up my time and leaves me feeling tired and sore. I spend a large chunk of my time off recuperating, doing housework, and writing articles for this blog. As a result, I have a minimal amount of free time I can dedicate to things like playing games or watching anime. If I’m going to get invested in something, it’s gonna be something I know I’ll enjoy.

Because of all this, I tend to be quick to pass judgment on things. If I’m not interested in an anime or if I don’t care for a demo of a game, I’ll pass on it. Badgering me to continue will not make me wanna stick with it any longer, and will simply annoy me. Accusing me of not giving it a fair chance is only gonna make me not want to listen to you.

I understand that people get excited and invested into things. I do as well, and I’ve had to train myself not to badger people about it. But acting like other people have endless amounts of free time is ignorant and insulting. Don’t try to force people to enjoy things.


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