Patreon $10 Thank-You Post for February 2016

I’m still struggling to keep on top of things, but I’d like to kindly thank each and every one of my patrons, without whom I’d have never gotten this far! Thank you to Space Queen Galacta Q, Steven Hopkins, and Aleena Tuabin for helping me out and sticking with me! Thank you for all you’ve done and I hope I can continue to write articles you can enjoy!


Final Fantasy Explorers and the Senselessness of Purism

I recently bought Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS, and noticed a recurring phrase in user reviews of this game:

“This isn’t a true Final Fantasy.”

There is a nugget of truth to this statement, as Final Fantasy Explorers is not your typical Final Fantasy. Indeed, it is more akin to games like Monster Hunter than to the story-heavy RPGs known and loved the world over. But these statements aren’t arguing that it’s unlike most Final Fantasy games, but that it’s not a “true” Final Fantasy, which holds some different implications.


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