Gay/Transgender Headcanons and the Lies We Tell Ourselves to Survive

LGBTQ representation in media is often dire and sparse, a truth many know all too well. In an attempt to shield ourselves from this and make it through the day, gay and transgender individuals will often take canonically straight, cisgender characters and imagine them as gay or transgender. Some will even go as far as to insist that these characters are gay and/or transgender, defending their belief against comments to the contrary.

These are known as gay and transgender headcanons, and they are an unfortunate, necessary evil.

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Eva’s Spring 2016 Anime Season Thoughts

I’m not usually the type to keep up-to-date with the latest anime seasons, often watching decades-old shows way past when they were relevant. A number of shows caught my eye this season, however, and I felt compelled to write my thoughts about them.

Flying Witch


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First Impressions of the PlayStation TV

I recently found myself in possession of a PlayStation TV, Sony’s strange little device designed to play Vita games on a big TV. I got this because I’ve wanted something which I could play Vita games on for a while, without actually having to drop 200+ dollars on a Vita and all the stuff I’d need to keep it safe from scratches and cracks. So after testing it a little bit, I thought I’d share my thoughts on it!

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Patreon Thank-You Post for April 2016

As we bid farewell to April and its showers, I’d like to thank my amazing Patreon backers for their continued support of me and my blog (especially given my continued problems with updating on time). A great big thank you to Steven Hopkins, Patrick Neill, Aleena Tuabin, and Space Queen Galacta Q! I am eternally grateful for your support and for allowing me to continue working on this blog!