Patreon Thank-You Post for June 2016

As June draws to a close and we lunge headfirst into summer, I’d like to take a moment to thank all those who have supported me this month! Thank you to Steve Hopkins, Patrick Neill, Aleena Tuabin, and Space Queen Galacta Q! Thank you once again for your continued support of me and my blog, and I hope to improve it even further in the coming months!


Digital Media is Convenient, But Transient & Unsustainable

I’ve written in the past about some issues with digital distribution of media, and how it’s not convenient for those without fast & stable internet. Even ignoring that, however, I’ve recently found myself musing on some other issues with digital distribution of media. Particularly, I’ve found myself disturbed by the ephemeral nature of digitally-distributed media and the problems it creates for media preservation.

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Graduations, Jobs, Patreon, & The Future

So I’ve finally graduated and gotten my Associate’s Degree! Hooray! Unfortunately, this brings us to that sticky question of “what next?”

My plans right now are sorta shaky and still being developed (when have they never not been), but the basic idea is I want to try and get my Bachelor’s degree. Not right away, however. I intend to take at least a year off to save up and minimize the blow of taking out a loan. With that in mind, I need to talk about going about doing that.

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All You Need is Kill Review: The Unending Game

For some, the idea of coming back to life is a dream come true. For Keiji Kiriya, however, it’s a living nightmare.

Keiji is one of many soldiers standing as the last line of defense against an unstoppable invading force known as The Mimics. Keiji is stationed off the coast of Japan, outfitted with a state-of-the-art mechanized suit called a jacket, and sent into his first sortie. It doesn’t take long for everything to go wrong, and Keiji to feel death’s embrace. Before blacking out, however, he manages to kill a rather “unusual” mimic.

He then wakes up, and realizes it’s the previous morning.

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Between Simulation & Escapism: Gaming’s Growing Pains in Embracing Realism

When video games were first realized, they were incapable of depicting realistic graphics and gameplay. Due to the minimal processing power of the systems they were developed on, they often featured simplistic conflicts, using simple shapes, solved in simple ways. Even as the processing power increased over time, it was considerably difficult to create any sort of semi-realistic simulation within the confines of an interactive electronic game. So people got used to the fantastical nature of video games.

Now, however, things are different.

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Patreon Thank-You Post for May 2016

It seems everything is coming in hot and late this month! While hot and late is not quite as good a combo as hot and spicy, it means I am more grateful than ever for people sticking with me! I will be done with school soon (for the time being) and so hopefully things will be a little less hectic? Maybe?

Regardless, I would like to give a great big thanks to my lovely patrons, including Aleena Tuabin, Steven Hopkins, Patrick Neill, and Space Queen Galacta Q! Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting my blog this far!