The Gunpla Diaries: My First Master Grade, Part 3

4 more months later, we return for the final installment of this series! It’s been almost a year since I got this thing and I was hankering to finish it, so let’s not waste any time getting started!


Work on the inner frame of the legs was surprisingly easy, as there were very few awkward pieces to get in place. There were also no toes to cut out, which I was very thankful for after what a fiasco the hands were. I was a bit confused at times as to what the various parts I was building were supposed to be, but that’s always the way it is with Gunpla, I suppose.


Where this became harder was applying the green-colored pieces, which are designed to fit into very carefully-cut spaces. I didn’t have any tools for removing nibs outside of my nippers, so I often was left with the impression that some would fit in better had they been cut neater. This caused some problems later on as well…


It was also at this point when I realized I didn’t care enough to apply silver stickers to all the green pieces which required them. I’m not sure if there’s a configuration which causes them to be more visible, but most of them ended up being covered up by armor anyways. I opted to make the nu just a little bit less chrome, to save myself the time of applying a million stickers nobody would ever see.


Speaking of armor, however, that was the next thing to present some problems. The white pieces stuck on for the most part, but the blue panels on the side were resting atop some of those green pieces. As a result, they were VERY loose and fell off with the slightest touch. It took a lot of effort and careful movement to avoid knocking them off by accident.


Despite these difficulties, the legs were finished and assembled. Getting the shoes on was awkward, particularly because there was one shoe which did not want to stay together. I eventually managed it, though.


The waist and backpack were somewhat awkward, but not so difficult I couldn’t manage it. There were two possible configurations for the backpack, but seeing as it was late at night and I was pressed for time I simply went for the first one presented.


Finally, it was time to put it all together. The parts all fit together without major difficulty, and it was able to stand on its own relatively easily. It is impressively large, standing head-and-shoulders above my tallest HG and even the SD Neo Zeong, and is a solid chunky thing. Very good build quality, even if I perhaps wasn’t the best equipped to build it.

Final thoughts? I’d say this is an excellent kit, but it is certainly not a good pick for your first MG. It took me almost a year to complete it, with breaks of several months in-between attempts. I’d suggest practicing with some simpler MGs before attempting this, so you don’t mess up like I did and leave the Nu pilot-less and missing fingers. Even having said that, I enjoyed building this and don’t regret picking it as my first master grade!

I may do a follow-up post about the funnels and other parts at some point in the future, but aside from that I’m pretty much done. Thank you for reading The Gunpla Diaries, and I hope you enjoyed it!

The Xuron 2175ET can be bought from Amazon. The Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver. Ka can be bought from Amazon, Hobbylink Japan, or Hobbysearch. If you can find a local hobby shop which stocks it, however, I’d recommend buying it from there.

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