Your Name Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into Your Name. I’ve had a dubious history with Makoto Shinkai’s works, and I found his character writing to be his weak point held up purely by his emotional appeal drama appeal. Yet it was hard to ignore something when it suddenly becomes the highest-grossing anime film of all time. So I took the first opportunity I had to see it when it released in theaters near us.


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Wolf Children: A Study on the Difficulty of Being a Single Mother

Most societies on earth celebrate motherhood. From a young age, girls are encouraged to think about marriage and motherhood, while boys are encouraged to get a good job and provide for their family. Mothers are idolized in media, and companies of all kinds target mothers and families almost exclusively.

Despite all this, we are so reluctant to acknowledge and support single mothers, and the work that they do.


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Eva’s Fall 2016 Anime Thoughts

It is time, once again, to take a look at the latest offerings in anime! Coming in with a crisp, cool breeze, the fall 2016 anime season contains a mix of continuations of previous shows, new entries in old franchises, and a few totally original shows. I’ll be focusing on a few that caught my fancy and elaborating on what I did or did not like about them. Starting with:

Flip Flappers


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Sexualization & Objectification Are Not the Same Thing

A major point of contention in modern feminist circles is the issue of objectification, or the act of treating women as nothing but objects of desire. Discussion of this has picked up steam in media analysis recently, particularly when it comes to anime and video games, and I’m glad to see it happening. But I find myself nonetheless troubled by the way some classify all sexualization as a form of objectification.

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The Erasure of Gender-Nonconforming Male Identities

While the transgender community often assumes that those who dress in women’s clothing and act feminine are women (either transgender or cis), this is not always the case. There are those who display gender variance through dressing or acting like women, but still choose to identify as male.

These gender-nonconforming men are often discriminated against or fetishized by society, and have very little positive representation in the media. The little that they have is being appropriated by the transgender community.

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Gay/Transgender Headcanons and the Lies We Tell Ourselves to Survive

LGBTQ representation in media is often dire and sparse, a truth many know all too well. In an attempt to shield ourselves from this and make it through the day, gay and transgender individuals will often take canonically straight, cisgender characters and imagine them as gay or transgender. Some will even go as far as to insist that these characters are gay and/or transgender, defending their belief against comments to the contrary.

These are known as gay and transgender headcanons, and they are an unfortunate, necessary evil.

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