The Gunpla Diaries: My First Master Grade, Part 2


It’s been 4 months, huh?

Yes, after spending nearly half a year sitting on my partly finished Gunpla, I decided to get off my butt and finally get some more work done on it. So without further ado, let us once again tune in for The Gunpla Diaries.


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The Gunpla Diaries: My First Master Grade, Part 1

One of my ongoing obsessions as of late has been with Gunpla, those wonderful little Gundam Model kits that you can find in hobby shops. Not-so-little in this case, however, as I obtained a much larger Gunpla kit as a Christmas present. A Master Grade Nu Gundam, to be exact, with Master Grades being 1/100 scale as opposed to the 1/144 High Grades. Being that this was my first ever Master Grade, I figured it would be worthwhile to record my impressions of it and the trials and tribulations of building it.


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