Eva’s Top 5 Games of 2016

2016 was a not great year in a lot of ways, and I’m definitely hoping for better in 2017. But for all its faults, 2016 did provide me with a number of great and fun games. I didn’t play a ton this year, but all I played I loved. So without further ado, here’s my top 5 games of 2016:

#5: Final Fantasy Explorers


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Final Fantasy Explorers Review: A Promising Start

Final Fantasy has taken many forms over the years, varying from its RPG origins to more action-based games, puzzle games, rhythm games, and even fighting games. Final Fantasy Explorers, however, marks the first time this franchise has dipped its toes into the Monster Hunting Scene.


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Final Fantasy Explorers and the Senselessness of Purism

I recently bought Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS, and noticed a recurring phrase in user reviews of this game:

“This isn’t a true Final Fantasy.”

There is a nugget of truth to this statement, as Final Fantasy Explorers is not your typical Final Fantasy. Indeed, it is more akin to games like Monster Hunter than to the story-heavy RPGs known and loved the world over. But these statements aren’t arguing that it’s unlike most Final Fantasy games, but that it’s not a “true” Final Fantasy, which holds some different implications.


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