Nanashi no Asterism: On How to Write a Gay Series Without the Gay

I wanted to like Nanashi no Asterism. A lot. It had cute art, a fun cast of characters, and a likeable charm to it. I wasn’t expecting it to be high art or anything of the sort, but I was hoping for a fun little Yuri manga.

Those hopes were, regrettably, shattered.

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Piracy as a Scapegoat: How Distributors Play The Blame Game

One of the most oft-cited evils of the internet is how it has encouraged piracy, and hurt people’s ability to profit from their art.

On the one hand, there is truth to this statement. Piracy has grown more and more common as the internet has made sharing media easier and easier. But all too often, it feels like distributors are using piracy as an excuse to avoid having to actually examine how they distribute media, or why people would turn to piracy instead of simply buying the media they wish to consume. This inevitably leads to piracy and those who pirate media being demonized regardless of the overall circumstances.

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