Valve’s Sale Culture Is Making it Easier for Companies to Scam You

It’s the steam summer sale, time for huge discounts and buying games you won’t play!

But for many games on sale, the discounts are a bit lacking. In fact, almost anything which isn’t part of a daily deal/flash sale but which plans to be in one has a rather insulting discount. Why? Because they’re saving the normal discount for the front page.

The easiest way to get noticed during a steam sale is to show up on the front page. In order to show up on the front page, you need to either be part of the 24-hour daily deal, the 12-hour flash sale, or the special sale event (this year’s minigame event replaced the usual community choice). But this requires adding an extra discount to your game. So for companies who don’t want to do that, they simply set the special sale discount as their normal discount, and offer up a reduced discount for the rest of the sale.

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Patreon Thank-You Post for May, 2015

I’d like to personally thank everybody who donated to my Patreon in the month of May:

-Space Queen Galacta Q

Thank you so much for donating to my Patreon and helping me make ends meet!